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Father's 5 Book Pak
Father's 5 Book Pak(PAK-07)
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Product Details:

  • Price: $20
  • Item #: PAK-07
  • Content: 5 Books
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Product Details:

  • Price: $20
  • Item #: PAK-07
  • Content: 5 Books

Book Pak Includes:

  • The Businessman's Topical Bible: This Topical Bible can be the key to your business success. It includes over 100 categories and over 2,000 Scripture verses to guide Businessmen in their daily lives. It contains subjects such as...The Priority of Prayer / Guidance / Favor / Negotiation / Betrayal and Many More topics relating to your Business and Career.
    (B-33) (384 Pages)
  • The Father's Topical Bible: The Bible No Father Should Be Without. Over 90 categories and over 1,500 Scripture verses included in this book will help you learn how to apply God’s Word to every area of your life. This powerful book will unlock Bible Promises for every situation including...When Your Child Becomes Rebellious Toward You / When Your Family Seems Unsupportive of Your Dreams And Goals / Making A Major Career Decision / The Importance of Family Time.
    (B-35) (376 Pages)
  • 1 Minute Pocket Bible For Fathers: Power-Packed With The Wisdom of God On More Than 450 Scriptures On 101 Subjects Relevant To Fathers. Over 100 Wisdom Keys included. You will learn about The Assignment that God has given you as a man to reveal the Fatherhood of God, along with encouraging Scriptures on...Favor / Fear / Perseverance and Many More. Small Enough For Your Shirt Pocket!
    (B-51) (128 Pages)
  • The Gift of Wisdom For Fathers: A 31-Day Desktop Mentorship Program No Father Should Be WithoutFocus on The Wisdom of God As The Head of The Household and Leading Your Family To God. When used, these Seeds of Wisdom will bring you a Harvest of Success. An Unforgettable Gift! 
    (B-77) (32 Pages)
  • The Uncommon Father: 31 Remarkable Secrets of Extraordinary Fathers, Scripturally and Historically, who have changed the course of Nations and Generations. Opens up understanding of the ...Role / Responsibility / Rules / Rewards of True Fatherhood. A MUST For Every Father. 
    (B-131) (173 Pages)


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Dr Mike Murdock

DR. MIKE MURDOCK is in tremendous demand as one of the most dynamic speakers in America today. More than 23,000 audiences in over 133 countries have attended his Schools of Wisdom and Conferences. Hundreds of invitations come to him from churches, colleges and business corporations. He is a noted author of over 900 books, including the best sellers, The Leadership Secrets of Jesus, Secrets of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived and the creator of The Master 7 Mentorship Program. Thousands view his weekly television program, Wisdom World of Mike Murdock. Many attend his Schools of Wisdom that he hosts in major cities...and his church, The Wisdom Center located at 4051 Denton Highway, Fort Worth, TX 76117.