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The Greatest Day of My Life (E-Book) <BR>FREE..!
The Greatest Day of My Life (E-Book)

Uncover The Mystery Concerning The Holy Spirit.



Uncover The Mystery Concerning The Holy Spirit.


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  • Ebook (PDF Format): 32 Pages
  • Publisher: Wisdom International
  • Price: FREE! 
  • Item #: EB-116 
  • ISBN #: 1-56394-657-2
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1 Reviews
    Gladys E. Williams
    Saturday, November 26, 2016
    The greatest day of my lifeThe greatest day of my life was the day I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.
Dr Mike Murdock

DR. MIKE MURDOCK is in tremendous demand as one of the most dynamic speakers in America today. More than 23,000 audiences in over 133 countries have attended his Schools of Wisdom and Conferences. Hundreds of invitations come to him from churches, colleges and business corporations. He is a noted author of over 900 books, including the best sellers, The Leadership Secrets of Jesus, Secrets of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived and the creator of The Master 7 Mentorship Program. Thousands view his weekly television program, Wisdom World of Mike Murdock. Many attend his Schools of Wisdom that he hosts in major cities...and his church, The Wisdom Center located at 4051 Denton Highway, Fort Worth, TX 76117.